19 September 2015

Insta Chikka: JM de Guzman Wants to Fight Enrique Gil, Tells Him to Man Up

Source: Fashion Pulis

While people are still trying to understand the breakup of JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola, a source revealed that things got complicated between the two after the London flight incident.

After JM learned the details of the incident, he got really angry and allegedly threatened to kill Enrique Gil for what he did to Jessy during the flight. More than the verbal fuss, the drunk Enrique allegedly rubbed his thing on the actress.

Enrique then showed JM's threatening text to an executive of the network. What is not clear was if JM was banned from attending the Star Magic Ball or he purposely did not go. With the tension between JM and Enrique, trouble might erupt if they cross paths.

While JM showed he was ready to defend Jessy's honor, the idea of hurting Enrique did not sit well with her. Thus, to avoid more hurt, the two ended their relationship.

Earlier, JM resorted to social media to challenge Enrique to an amateur martial arts fight and called out to the actor to man up. Based on the IG post of JM, Enrique has been ignoring his texts.

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