19 September 2015

Insta Chikka: JM de Guzman Wants to Fight Enrique Gil, Tells Him to Man Up

Source: Fashion Pulis

While people are still trying to understand the breakup of JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola, a source revealed that things got complicated between the two after the London flight incident.

After JM learned the details of the incident, he got really angry and allegedly threatened to kill Enrique Gil for what he did to Jessy during the flight. More than the verbal fuss, the drunk Enrique allegedly rubbed his thing on the actress.

Enrique then showed JM's threatening text to an executive of the network. What is not clear was if JM was banned from attending the Star Magic Ball or he purposely did not go. With the tension between JM and Enrique, trouble might erupt if they cross paths.

While JM showed he was ready to defend Jessy's honor, the idea of hurting Enrique did not sit well with her. Thus, to avoid more hurt, the two ended their relationship.

Earlier, JM resorted to social media to challenge Enrique to an amateur martial arts fight and called out to the actor to man up. Based on the IG post of JM, Enrique has been ignoring his texts.

18 September 2015

Insta Chikka: Kakai and Aaron, Sila Na Ba?

Itatanong mo pa ba? Eh kitang kita sa mga mata ang saya at hugot ng mensahe. Congrats to the both of you! Spread the love! :)

Walang Label, Masaya Lang.❤️ Quota kana @ahronvillena ❤️

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17 September 2015


James Reid and Nadine Lustre thrilled their fans because of their kissing scene on their primetime show, On The Wings of Love.

The hastag #OTWOLMostApprovedKiss has reached 2 million tweets as of tonight, September 17.

Cesar Montano replaces Robin Padilla in 'Nilalang'

Cesar Montano is Maria Ozawa's new leading man. Montano replaced actor Robin Padilla who pulled out from the project in August to take care of his wife, Marielle Rodriguez who was then in a delicate pregnancy.

On Wednesday, Cesar posted on his Instagram account a photo with Ozawa and Meg Imperial who is also part of the film "Nilalang."

Insta Chikka: Charice Pempengco Is An ALDUB fan

Wow ganito sila everyday. Millions! History! HISTORY. Tapos last saturday what, 6M? I mean, don't tell me isang tao lang gumagawa non! Haha! Minsan lang ako maging fan and di ako vocal except this one. 😂 nakaka-proud. Seen all their commercials, achievements, and nakaka-proud talaga. Bihira lang ako ma-proud. Depende kung deserving. Lol! Tama o tama??? 💪🏽 Wag lang sana kayo magbago AlDub para blessed all the way. Some people say corny daw. I'm going to say yes, corny. Corny na nakakatuwa. Kasi ganun tayong mga Pinoy diba. AlDub represents us Pinoys. Kung paano magmahal ang Pinoy. All the peeps. Wally, Jose and Paolo, my my... Sobrang galing. To the writer, YES. Acting or not, I love it. Full of love and happiness. Lessons that we need in life. O SIGE AYOKO NA MAGING SERYOSO! Hahahaha! Wala akong schedule ngayog araw na to kaya wag kayong kyeme! and to your Fans, stay classy. 👌🏽 Sisipain ko mag-KJ dito.

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Insta Chikka: JM de Guzman Draws Jessy Mendiola

Thank you

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I dont draw. Finding it hard to remember the last time you smiled.thank you. @senorita_jessy. For everything

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