02 June 2012

Angelinca-John Llyod love affair firing up!

Lately the humored Angelinca-John Llyod love affair seems to be fired up by tweets of several users who are claming that they've seen Angelica and John Llyod being all sweet with eachother, holding hands, and even kissing. I can't tell if these people are reliable sources but these are what they have to say.
@mommieangelove claimed then that she saw John Lloyd Cruz at Angelica Panganiban's condo in Eastwood, Libis and that she has video of them kissing though no video came up. mommieangelove: "we have videos of Angelica and Lloydie kissing..."
@mommieangelove: "@IAmAngelicaP u have condo here in eastwood, ryt? John Lloyd and u r together for weeks n...always at nyt, sleeping togeder?"
@mommieangelove by the way opened the said account on Twitter just to expose whatever he/she knows about Angelica and Lloydie. reported that John Lloyd was spotted at Angelica's condominium unit in Quezon City, which is like a confirmation of what the Twitter user claimed.

Meanwhile, another twitter user nye111 posted saying,

 nye111: "John Lloyd & Angelica Panganiban SPOTTED DRINKING in Makati & holding hands under the table."
I don't really know what to say, maybe it's time for them to speak up. :)

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