28 May 2012

PBB Teen 4: Tom Doromal

Real Name: Tom Johnson Doromal
Origin:Davao City
Birthdate:November 28, 1996
Occupation:Student Civil
Religion:Roman Catholic
Hobbies:Playing basketball
Favorite Color:Blue, white and black
Favorite Food:Sinigang, fish and shrimp
Favorite Show:Ben 10, Super Strikers
Favorite Actor:Jackie Chan, Jet Li
Favorite Actress:Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu
Favorite Singer:Scotty Mc Reery, Josh Turner, Jimmy Bondoc 

Tom Doromal. Dubbed as "Bukid Prince" ng Davao, Tom lives a comfortable life in Davao. Being picked as one of Kuya's Housemates was one of the biggest achievement for him and he wanted to experience this once-in-lifetime chance of joining the 4th batch of Teen Housemates. He considers himself a friendly person, and with that personality he won't be having a hard time dealing with this fellow housemates.

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