15 April 2010

Tricia Santos - Ang daming haters! O.o

I haven't really watched the PBB Teens latest edition which is so I tried to search for it . I specifically searched for Tricia Santos. Well, kasi she's from Davao, my kababayan so I might as well try to get to know her. But to my surprise, ang dami niyang haters!?! To think about it, eh kelan lang ng simula etong PBB Teens na eto. Bat dami na niyang haters??? So I tried to search furthere. People are saying she's a flirt. Well I haven't really been able to watch PBB so I can't judge her. I don't have the basis to hate or ridicule her. Ang masasabi ko lang eh kawawa naman ng batang eto pag labas niya. How would she react with all her pictures on the net na hindi ka nais-nais. Well people, don't judge her too much though cause you don't really know her personally. And to Tricia, you are on national tv my dear. People all around the world could see you, so darling, so mind your actions. okay lang mg flirt wag lang ung sobra! okay okay? Patay ka sa nanay mo! WaHehehe

I have seen these photos from tublr, kaloka! Andami mong haters ate!! O.o

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