09 July 2009

Celebrity Profile: Richard Gutierrez

Be it on the small or big screen, he melts hearts with his earnest eyes and loving looks. It doesn't matter who his leading lady is, Richard always makes us believe that he is in love!

Basic Info
Name: Richard Gutierrez
Nickname: Chard, Ricardo
Birthday: January 21
Birth Place: California

Claim to fame:
"When I joined Click. I thought it was only for the allowance but later I enjoyed working and loved acting."

Richard's hit list:
1. He's into basketball, boxing, and martial arts.
2. He has a Siberian Husky named "Ziggy."
3. His fave actors are Albert Martinez, Cesar Montano, FPJ, Johhny Depp, Edward Norton, Sean Penn, and Morgan Freeman.
4. He liked the movies Gladiator and Land Before Time (a cartoon).
5. He watches the TV series Heroes.

Star Trivia:
Richard describes himself as 'makulit'. His Fashion icon is Tom Cruise and he has a goal of coming back to school and to produce films/videos.

Q & A
On the spot:

If you weren’t in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?
"I would be studying Philosophy or film making."

What is your biggest frustration/regret?
"I don’t have any frustration or regret. I enjoyed most of the things I have done although it is not what I expected to come up."

What are you most proud of?
"Myself, my work and my discipline and professionalism."

What do you want to achieve?
"I want to direct a film or video, and of course to finish my studies."

What is your advice to aspiring artists?
"Believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody get you down. No need to please all people as long as there are some people who really feel happy for you."

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